I'm here to capture your moments.

Hi, I'm Cindy Nirenberg, a California native. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. I spent most of my childhood in the idyllic town of Quincy, CA.

Being attracted to various forms of art since my youth, one of my early artistic endeavors came at the early age of nine. During that year, my mother, an elementary school teacher in Quincy, who enjoyed doing large artistic tile murals, entered one of my drawings into a Sacramento children’s TV show contest. I won the contest and I was very excited to see my artwork featured on the television screen. Since childhood, I have been taking art classes in various mediums and forms.

Later in life, I was focused on my career and raising a family of four children with my husband. As the kids got older, I gravitated toward drawing again. I began to draw pet portraits in pastel for friends, family and clients. Then in 2011, I picked up another medium of expression: painting with oil. I was lucky enough to study oil painting with oil painting expert Katie O’Neill of O’Neill’s Fine Art Studio in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Working with oil paints has also brought me closer to the memory of my grandmother, who became a profilic artist herself at the age of 60 after having raised eight children. I fondly remember painting plein air alongside her as a child at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

I'm also a clasically trained pianist and have a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Utah. Art and music are a huge part of my life, and I perform with my husband’s rock band.

My paintings are inspired by the nature that surrounded me and my hometown while growing up, as well as my family and pets.

Since I'm now retired, I enjoy bringing pets, both living and gone, to life for their owners.

I'm here to capture your moments.

Behind the Scenes
All colors are mixed using eight basic colors.

They all start the same
A charcoal drawing, sprayed. Then they receive an undercoat. (Sorry, Kevin. Drums were painted out.)

Capitola, California
The process

First and last

Three in the studio happened to finish on the same day


Positano (most popular)

$150 Unframed 32x21

Prints available for:

Capitola, California 15x30
Union Pacific in the High Sierras
Positano, Italy 32x21
Moser Boys 32x21

Prints available for:

Young Fellas Brass Band on Frenchmen St., New Orleans 30x30
Oakland Camp 18x24
Oakland Camp Horses. Lilly, Minnie and Jack 18x24
Quincy Meadow 15x30
Lemon Water 12x16

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